The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage –


Ghislaine Maxwell is hardly the only Maxwell sibling to continue their father’s controversial work for intelligence, with other siblings carrying the torch specifically for Robert Maxwell’s sizable role in the PROMIS software scandal and subsequent yet related hi-tech espionage operations.
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Are Your Issues Flopping Around.

We threw people see the social engineering on our children. We see children immune from covid although germ theory is crap > see Dr Lorraine Day our body is cleaning out poisoned cells, or needs rest, our is spiritually compromised or bewitched or made ill by evil spirits, or malnourished on vitamins but England may this year see a return to death by freezing or lack of calories. The last 2 paragraphs have 3 sources of the Bill Gates Epstein link being an overheard conversation siting a minimum date of 1995. It means also much mainstream press and establishment intel agencies…

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