Killing Off Humanity: How The Global Elite Is Using Eugenics And Transhumanism To Shape Our Future

Desultory Heroics

By Robert J. Burrowes

Fully understanding significant world events as they happened yesterday and unfold today invariably requires an understanding of the long arc of history; that is, knowledge about how the human world really works. Moreover, without that understanding, it is impossible to devise and implement an effective response. This is certainly the case in the world of 2021.

Increasingly, people around the world are realizing that there is a great deal more going on under cover of the ‘official’ narrative that we are the victims of a ‘virus’ that has, so far, required 18 months of onerous restrictions and a series of government-ordered mandates that tell us all that we must submit to several experimental, gene-altering injections and other measures that will deny our rights and freedoms ongoingly into the future.

What most people do not yet realize is that this deeper agenda is monumentally huge: the world…

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