America’s Fictional Capitalist Narratives And Their Spooky CEO Frontmen

Banned Hipster

Larry Romanoff writes at Blue Moon Of Shanghai from a pro-China viewpoint. How Does China Evaluate and Choose its Leaders? Understanding China’s University System is representative of his output, a detailed examination of China’s system for cultivating leadership across sectors, and comparisons to the West that paints China as clearly superior.

A fascinating aspect of China is how their elites look to the West are assume that Jews are the ruling class. 2009’s Currency Wars by Song Hongbing triggered a minor panic in the Western press for its frank discussion of Jewish control of Western financial systems. Derided as a “conspiracy theory,” Hongbing’s tracing of the history of the Rothschild banking dynasty is a forbidden topic in the West, and has always gotten a similar reaction to discussions of George Soros’ financial and political influence today – you can say that the Koch Brothers control the Republican party and the…

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