Before the Fall, 2021

Excellent stuff Seax!!!!

The Sperg Box

This is a thoughtful time of year. I had leftover brunkartoffler with eggs and sausage for breakfast and thought about things. And then went to work, as a man who wants to feed his family is wont to do. Off work, I’ve been in the shoppe – honing my scroll saw skills. I’m flirting with whittling again, and am looking to start making wooden sculptures. I made some painfully amateurish idols of Odin and Tyr last year. I know at least whatever I do now will be better. I’m carving out a Venus Laussel plaque as it goes, having finished an Iron Cross plaque I thought came out well. I want to make an Erin go Bragh relief plaque, if Venus works out. Then, maybe, I’ll finally start that Etsy shop and rake in some side shekels. But I’ve also been saying that for three years.

As for me…

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