I wrote this after the election back in May. i simply ask has anything changed or are we about to waste more years yet again?

A Desperate need for honest politics.

Scotland is in an appalling state. We have a corrupt, dishonest Government elected on the back of the most corrupt and undemocratic election campaign in living memory. No cancel that, ever!

A campaign where those participating tolerated, nay encouraged, the Public Service Broadcaster, namely the British State’s propaganda arm, the BBC, to operate a blanket ban on the Alba Party. Worse this ban was accompanied by the remainder of the MSM doing the same. This allowed the quite disgraceful and evil behaviour of the current First Minister to continually smear her absent rival, a pathetically cowardly act that degrades and devalues the status of the role she holds.

Don’t get me wrong the media were well looked after, they…

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