Heidegger, Existentialism and Julius Evola’s Distorted Interpretation

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In Alexander Dugin’s book Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning, Dugin says of Julius Evola’s Ride the Tiger that Evola made the “mistake of interpreting Heidegger hastily and superficially from the traditionalist perspective […] in which he presents Heidegger’s ideas and terminology in a highly inaccurate and distorted manner and criticizes them in an even less justified, naïve way.” 1 This brutal analysis by Dugin is, in all honesty, completely justified.

I had previously tried to read Ride the Tiger on a couple occasions, admittedly I never got too far into it as it seemed like nothing more than a dull rehash of the more enjoyable work that Evola had wrote before it. I tried to skip ahead in bits and pieces to see if it grew more interesting, I rolled my eyes trying to read his ‘interpretation’ of Heidegger and then abandoned it. It…

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One thought on “Heidegger, Existentialism and Julius Evola’s Distorted Interpretation

  1. I have been rereading Heidegger as he is as relevant as ever to our current technological Armageddon but it is merely a hermetically sealed concealment of the promethean shame in the light of our creations disclosing to us our true nature, namely that of overlords of the planet and intermittent keepers of the flame of Being Beyng that is a host of amnesia induced pharmakon’s.

    Evola’s contention that Heidegger’s lack of a transcendent signifier in his ontological and scientific treatment of the world as mere equipment for Dasien is on point because Heidegger’s critique of the modern world was influenced by Evola and Guenon both. Heidegger was also a great admirer of Zen and Suzuki the author and with that understanding of objects and our capacity for flow we can finally stop our Cartesian 400 year old thought experiment and experience life as it truly is vibrant alive precious and not for sale.

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