DIY Prepping Projects: Portable Solar Power System

The Tactical Hermit

A Reader Sends, A Portable Solar/Power System

H/T to Bustednuckles for passing on this one!

Really great ideal that can be tweaked to meet the end user’s specific power needs.

Expensive? Yeah, but when you compare this method to a Gas Generator several benefits are obvious:

  1. Take my word on this after living through 3 major Hurricanes: Dependency on Gas in a SHTF situation SUCKS. If you do not have large amounts stockpiled, the process of obtaining it is an adventure within itself (ie having to drive 100+ miles for gas? Consider the cost of that when calculating gas for the vehicle you are riding in plus the security factor of leaving your home/camp)

  2. Convenience of having your Power Supply Indoors and not having to put gas in it every 6-8 hrs.

  3. Gas Generators make NOISE and have to be kept outside in a ventilated area. In a SHTF scenario…

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