(GRAPHIC VIDEO FOOTAGE) – Evidence Of Australian (NWO) Police War Crimes – NWO Army open fire on crowd of peaceful protesters (even those fleeing) – Horrific footage of man severely injured and chaos erupts at Sacred Shrine Of Remembrance


As I Mentioned In Yesterday’s Update – Rubber Bullets Do Serious Damage

Australians in Melbourne went today to peacefully protest at The Shine of Remembrance, an important War Memorial and a place of great significance to Australians.

Then an Army, a literal Army, of NWO Enforcers turned up and opened fire on crowds of Men, Women and Children
waving the Australian Flag.

Then they continued firing, even when they were fleeing, shooting at their backs and actively chasing them while doing so.

They didn’t just fire briefly – They fired in a “Military Formation” line of officers at all of the Civilians until there was nobody left in range.

There is a video of one man in particular who appears to be critically injured after being shot in the head, crying out in pain that “my skull is cracked” – It is unclear whether he is still alive or…

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