The Day After: Canada Is Truly Screwed As Once Again We Are Stuck With Trudeau!


I actually watched that shit storm called the Canadian ‘federal election’ unfold last night, and much to my chagrin the heavily ‘vaccinated’ people of this formerly free nation are indeed showing how their brains have melted down and voted once again for a Trudeau “Liberal’ government in Ottawa…. The only saving grace is that the Trudeau “Liberals” who are nothing more than criminal liars and scoundrels were not given their ‘Majority’ government as they hoped, and are once again stuck with a “minority’ government meaning that once again they will have to depend on one of the other ‘parties’ to push forward with their agenda of tyranny..

I need not go into details as to how this fraud ‘election’ unfolded…. The ‘election’ was basically OVER by the time it reached the Manitoba/Ontario border, as the lying whore media were already proclaiming a ‘Liberal minority government’…. This means that the entire…

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