Testimonies At FDA Booster Vaxx Hearing

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After hearing testimony, the FDA committee voted 16 to 2 AGAINST recommending Pfizer covid booster shots. Maybe they are having second thoughts about the safety of covid vaxxes.

From Dr. Joseph Fraiman Emergency Room Doctor in New Orleans

We need larger trials to show that vaccines work and are not harmful. The vaccine hesitant are more aware of vaccine studies and of their own covid risks than the unvaccinated. Many of his nurses have refused the vaccine. The nurses do see high risk amongst the elderly, the obese and diabetics. One nurse cited Oxford studies showing a low risk for her and asked him for studies proving she is unlikely to be harmed by the covid vaccines. He truthfully said he can’t.

Trials weren’t big enough to show that the covid vaccines caused myocarditis. Yet now we know they do. The risk for myocarditis is higher than their risk of…

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