Energy crunch & paper money devaluation: is this the kick-off?

The Slog

We do not have sudden energy price inflation alongside banking illiquidity and stock market nerves: none of that came out of left-field. There will be rallies and false hopes, but as of now, the holidays are over and the cold light of New Normal has dawned. Russia looks to advantage, China leads a bailin charge, and the Unelected Spook-Banker State is priming the Great Reset.

Most people among the 1 in 8 grasped a long time ago that – under the New Normal being cooked up for us by the Grand Gargoyle Alliance – the information is distinctly one-way: They must know everything about Us, but We mustn’t know anything about Them. The same rule applies to quality as well as quantity: They lie to us with impunity, but if We tell porkies to them, we get banged up faster than you can say “safe vaccine”.

We are about to…

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