Debt, inflation, distraction, distortion & destruction

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99.9% of us are being asked to cough up for the naked greed of 0.1%

Gosh. I’m stunned. How on earth could that have happened?

Businesses (smaller, non-global) have been sacrificed on the altar of Reset. Consumers across the Western world are maxed out to the hilt. And sovereign nations are up to their eyes in unrepayable debt. The US leads the pack with a national debt of €20 trillion, and Biden the masked Hologram is racking that up as fast as his minders can think of new ways to spend.

The Telegraph’s token Yankette Janet Daley (left) put together a header of unintended hilarity when judging Biden’s First 100 Days; she could’ve improved the accuracy by simply leaving out the word ‘yet’, but a debt mountain of that size only makes sense if it is never going to be honoured….and let’s face it folks, it never will…

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