Amerikaner Broederbond 2

Banned Hipster

I was just listening to the latest podcast from Musonious Rufus, one of my favorite podcasters. The last half they get into one of Rufus’ – and my – favorite subjects, fraternalism. I seem to recall Rufus saying he’s a Mason, and he makes the point he’s never met a Jewish Mason. His guest points out that Jews used membership in Masonry to help establish themselves in America. Rufus points out that Catholics are never quite sure if they hate Masons because they were the old Anglo-American country club elite that wouldn’t invite them to their golf club, or if it was because they were revolutionary agents and atheists.

I am not a Mason, and my father was not a Mason. My grandfather might have been. I’m fairly certain one of my uncle was in Tri Kappa, just like Albert Pike, the one time Grand Master of Masonry in…

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