The argument that “We need to import workers” is a load of shit • THE THIRD POSITION JOURNAL

The Third Position Journal

All of our doctors in the West are of foreign origin, as are our nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, our engineers and every other occupation which requires a degree. Why is this? Well, our governments complain that the youth are not studying these areas (hence why we apparently need to pay to bring over foreigners to fill our universities).

This is, of course, all bullshit. There are plenty of youths of European origin in the West that could fill these positions in universities and then go on to fill these roles after studying. The problem is, it is practically impossible to sustain yourself while studying.

Whatever you may think of some of the subjects at university, anyone with half a brain knows we need doctors, engineers, paramedics and such. Yet the parasites in power have made it practically impossible to study degrees (and post-graduate degrees which are just as important) in these…

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