Robocop Is Here • BANNED HIPSTER

Banned Hipster

My Dad loved to point out that his mother started her life going to Church in a horse-drawn buggy and lived long enough to see the Moon Landings, which she thought was just a silly TV show and couldn’t believe anyone was taking it seriously.

My high school buddy and I of course watched the original Star Trek growing up, and knowing I knew technical stuff, he asked me when we were going to get the trio of tech from Star Trek we wanted: a communicator, a tricorder, and a phaser. We have the communicator now, and certain advanced cell phones get close to the spirit of a tricorder, with the right combinaton of sensors and the Internet. I think the phasers aren’t going to happen unless there is a serious breakthrough in battery technology.

But Robocop is here, apparently, and considering our new reality, a Global Technocratic Panopticon Police…

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