Do we need “Traditions”? Or do we need Truth ? • TO THE EDGE OF TIME

To the Edge of Time

Well, according to Evola, I think that what we need today is Tradition. Depending on your interpretation, Tradition can be inclusive of Abrahamic religions, or it may not. Tradition, as it is understood here, is about Primodial Tradition.

First of all, people need to believe in something beyond the physical plane. From God or the gods, the kings and royal races derive their authority over people.

Then, society will have a priest class, a warrior class, a labor class and others. The priests, the warriors and the kings need to be initiated into esoteric understandings of the world. Religion needs to follow this pattern too. There’s more, but that’s all I can say for now.

I personally don’t have a problem with esoteric initiation. But the orientation of our movement towards “Tradition” is what I don’t agree with.

What kind of tradition?

This is a big question.

A lot of…

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