Compendium: Kapital and its Subversion of Culture • THE FOURTH ESTATE

The Fourth Estate

Kapital is capable of distorting perceptions, value-judgments and decision-making processes. Its effects have been studied by psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, military-industrial and labor relations scholars, anthropologists, and other non-economic and non-financial fields. All of them can be influenced by the effects of Kapital, but its effects on the Culture of any nation-state deserves to be investigated in the SMP Compendium. The significance can be traced back to why The Fourth Estate exists and from where the Blog’s name originated.

To begin, every Culture and Tradition originate from a people, a Totality, who created it. Such Cultures and Traditions are shaped over the course of centuries for some and even millennia for others. The social bonds which united them were molded by a shared set of customs and norms that they created to maintain a sense of social cohesion. In every Culture, there is the Low Culture accessible and known to…

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