Afghan Migrants: European Experience, Criminality Statistics, American Future

The American Sun

By PhoenixPhoenix

Americans and Europeans who oppose the mass migration of Afghans into their countries do so for primarily different reasons. Americans focus on the impact of unvetted Afghan migrants on the country’s social fabric and on the risk of terrorism. Europeans focus on migrant crime. Both are understandable given recent events.

In the US, concern for the country’s social fabric is in reaction to the anti-white BLM riots, anti-white CRT indoctrination and anti-white discrimination by the US government, combined with this month’s release of the 2020 Census results showing whites at 58% of the population (vs 85% at the census prior to 1965’s landmark Immigration and Nationality Act). Concern about terrorism is likewise top of mind for Americans due to the Taliban’s fresh victory as well as the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11. Post-9/11, the highest casualty terrorist attacks in the US were by Muslim migrants or their children…

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