The Camp of the Saints

Myth of the 20th Century

Written in 1973 by Jean Raspail, ‘The Camp of the Saints’ depicts a dystopian scenario where France and the West in general is overrun with third world immigrants. Called a ’Stunningly Racist French Novel’ by the urban liberal clickfarm of record, The Huffington Post, readers without any preconceived notions of the book may ask themselves, “where’s the lie, though?” If anything, Raspail understates the extent to which Western nations, from the media to the military, collectively facilitate the influx of millions of non-native Europeans into countries like France, some going so far to say he prophetically describes the way in which a combination of cowardice and a culture of Christian giving pave the way towards the burning of Notre Dame in 2019 and a general devolution of the quality of life in cities such as Paris as ‘refugees’ crowd out native citizens for public services, living space, and even representation…

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