Secular Animism

ST Unleashed!

I remember when “secular humanism” was seen as the great bugaboo of the religious community. Here’s what it means in my opinion (and it’s what I’ve believed for a long time, before I knew it had a label):

we owe our highest duty of care and compassion to other human beings, because we all know what it’s like to be human, we know what causes anguish physical and mental. So: don’t do that stuff! We don’t need God, nor any religious creed, to so instruct us. It’s the Golden Oldie Rule.

This might surprise you if you’ve read my callous attitude toward, say, border jumpers, but I see no inconsistency. These people seem to have been doing quite well in terms of human comfort in the countries where they were planted: they’re physically fit, they’re chubby, they’re well clothed, they’re breeding. Not everybody lives by the Golden Rule. These people…

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