New Poll Finds That 50% Of Americans Support Cutting Aid To Israel


Aid to Israel is now a highly polarizing issue, a poll conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the pro-Zionist Israel Democracy Institute have found. 

As this poll run by the Israel lobby shows, Zionism in the United States is rapidly losing ground among popular opinion. This has yet to make any significant mark on Washington consensus, where both Democrats and Republicans have repeatedly shown that American aid to Israel is unconditional. 

National Justice


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One thought on “New Poll Finds That 50% Of Americans Support Cutting Aid To Israel

  1. Polls like folks perception of society go through ZOG’s filter. Who knows how real it is. Though if it’s 50% I’d say the folks who distrust the political duopoly, Hollywood, military frenzy, etc. would raise it far beyond 50%.

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