Great News, Everyone! It’s Time for a POP QUIZ!

TLAMN Incoming

Camper QuizReal-WorldExample {a.k.a. A Metric to determine if anyone has paid any attention to a damn thing}

Good Afternoon, Campers!

It’s been “interesting AF”, so mea culpa for the delays, and yes, you’ve a Pop Quiz.

No Worries if you don’t Pass, I won’t be a total smartarse, that’s what peer pressure covers! Besides this is one is easy as Hell, innit? Here is the Question:

Is the above highlighted Statement re Georgie Boi funding BLM and the AntiFag Movements, True or False? (Please note, the ONLY answer sought; ∴, ALL I fancy reading = True or False) Please answer inn the Comments Section. HONOUR System in effect! Five Seconds after reading the questions is the time-limit! Show Honour, please. I’ll address all questions and give the answer after six – ten attempts are made. Fair? Hell, you can skip the answer if you’ll help get this…

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