Globalist War Against Humanity

Political Reactionary

Globalists are waging a war against the humanity, and on multiple fronts. One of main targets of the attack are independent news media. As early as 2016., Washington Post named 200 independent media websites as pawns of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Mainstream media are trying to discredit or control any alternatives, but they are not the only one. It is the goal of globalists in general, with the ultimate aim of creating a one-world government – a centralized, technocratic tyranny that will completely destroy freedom. War itself has multiple aspects.

The War on Cash

The war on cash had been well underway, and the combination of COVID-19 health crisis and the financial collapse caused by the same will be used by the globalist totalitarians to outlaw cash and force people into electronic currencies. In that way, people will loose last semblance of freedom:

  1. All transactions will be tracked…

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