Written for Scotland…


The final paper in the excellent Professor Alf Baird ten paper series.

10.Synopsis & Strategies



In 2014,‘No’ voters opted for Scotland to be ruled by what to many Scots seems an alien political ideology from another land. They voted for England’s 533 MP’s (i.e. 82 per cent of UK parliamentary ‘sovereignty) to do as they wish with Scotlandand its people. Is this really what mostScottishpeople want? To be ruled over by another people, another culture and language, another identity and nationand political ideology? Crucially, what is stopping more than 45 per cent of Scots from voting for independence?

Meantime the SNPleadership depend on holding another dubious‘Section 30’UKsanctionedreferendumbased onan irregular (i.e. local government) votingfranchise in order to secure Scotland’s independence. Is this a sensible strategy? Is there no other valid, constitutional, legal anddemocratic route to secure independence? The question of independence is about the…

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