Covid Crapitalism

Banned Hipster

This perception of inadequacy of the Labor Theory of Value was partially because of the embarrassment of the financial, landlord, and mercantile interests, which the Labor Theory of Value rightfully identified as rentier or quasi-rentier sectors; it could not be allowed to survive lest the Usury of the economic system was excised with the official sanction of economic orthodoxy. — Exiled Jargon, Review of Othmar Spann’s ‘The True State’

All men are created equal: helpless, naked, crying, pissing and shitting on themselves.

All men are born into a world where the entire natural world is already claimed as the property of someone else. Some are lucky enough to be born to families who have a claim to some of the natural world. Those unluckier literally stand on land owned by someone else, those unluckier still are themselves claimed as property of someone else.

Those without property must trade their…

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