Randomly Generated Numbers (RNG)

Digital Empire

Note: this is a developing story.

Let’s visualize randomly generated numbers because this is so cool and because RNG is used in all video games.

Alright, so you’ve heard about RNG. Video game creators use RNG to determine the outcomes of player made decisions. If a player attacks a monster, RNG is used to determine whether or not he misses. If the player successfully hits the monster, then RNG is once again used to determine the strength of his action.

Example: 70% accuracy gives the player 7 out of 10 chances to hit the monster successfully.

50% strength gives the player 5 out of 10 chances to hit for the maximum amount of damage.

Below is a visual example of RNG.

Video games use all sorts of different systems of RNG, which I wouldn’t be able to fit in one blog post to try and explain them, so instead we’ll…

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