Nicki Minaj Posts Phone Numbers of Reporters Harassing Her Family in Trinidad

Nwo Report

Source:  J.D. Rucker 

Singer Nicki Minaj is mad. She’s so mad she’s posting phone numbers and screen captures of conversations with reporters trying to get the scoop on her family members in Trinidad. Some of her millions of fans have taken it on themselves to harass the reporters as a result.

It all started earlier in the week when Minaj expressed her hesitancy over the Covid-19 injections. She told a story about a friend of her cousin in Trinidad who had a very bad experience following his jabs.

Media outlets have been trying to score interviews with the cousin and the cousin’s friend with no luck. At least two reporters have gone too far in Minaj’s book, so she posted their phone numbers on Instagram. She called out one of the reporters who was making veiled threats against her cousin.

Note:Explicit language. Phone numbers omitted.


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