Compendium: Expressing Identities through Technology

The Fourth Estate

Technology is not a politically neutral entity nor should anyone be unaware of the fact that philosophers can project their own ideas onto specific technical designs and applications. Anyone who continues to believe that Technology is somehow ‘apolitical’ will never understand why it is a common propaganda meme for Liberal Capitalists to claim that Socialism is “unsophisticated,” “uncivilized,” or “backwards.” The argument by this meme claims that a Socialist regime is incapable of being innovative, forward-thinking, and revolutionary in the technological sense. The meme may still be applicable to the Socialist nation of the SMP Compendium, but the People’s Party of this Socialist nation knows full well about the Work-Standard requiring the Technology embodied by the Figure of the Arbeiter from Ernst Jünger’s Der Arbeiter. For the Prussian or Hamiltonian Federalist Socialist way of developing Technology is to build applications that can truly last and not be quickly rendered…

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