Chinnamasta, The Keys of This Blood – Merciless Pathways | Names of the Dark Goddess


Of all the Dark Wisdom Goddesses, perhaps none are more complex, disconcerting or gruesome as Chinnamasta. Self- decapitated , feeding Herself and Her devotees with her own blood, and dancing on a copulating couple, Her name literally means “a severed head.”  Each of these images carries a Gnostic message and functions as a doorway into levels of consciousness far beyond what the even the de-conditioned mind can conceive.  

Chinnamasta is typically associated with the Ajna Chakra or the “third eye”.  Within this single eye all duality is eclipsed; one cannot cross the threshold of Chinnamasta unchanged.  Her transformation is not temporary and cannot be sugar coated. However within this single current lies a Solar and Lunar pathway converging into a doorway which opens upon the Sol Niger.

ChinnamastaThe aspirant must be aware and have a solid foothold on deeper states of consciousness in order to safely navigate these…

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