A Video Of Pure Australian Rage – The NWO Enforcers Are Weak – Real Patriots Like This Will Take Your Country Back From The NWO – What Will You Tell Your Children You Did?


Melbourne Anti-Lockdown Protest – 18th September 2021

The cracks begin to show.

The NWO “Police” are pathetic – They are weak enforcers of the NWO who only appear strong when they hide behind Riot Gear
and pile onto a single person at a protest, who is unarmed, in groups of six or more.

They may have guns, but they know that if they start using them to enforce “The New Normal” they will be executed, their Police Stations will be burned to the ground and then the Politicians that set them on people like rabid dogs will be killed as well. If they didn’t fear that, they would already be using live ammunition on you.

That’s why in Australia they call stopping by people’s houses, who haven’t been convicted of any crimes, to interrogate them
about whether they know of any “planned protests” (something that is supposed to be a…

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