You Can Fool Some of the People… But the Truth Will Always Come Out Eventually

Not Something Else

It is Truth Time folks. Are you ready? Really ready? There’s an old saying… “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”. We are, I truly believe, living in a “fool’s paradise”, where a great many have allowed themselves to be ‘fooled’ into believing in something that does not exist – to the extent that they have been willing to compromise their very own existence. That is an astounding situation, is it not? How could it have come about?

I have raised these questions before, but let me tell you about it…

Some time prior to November 2019, morgue facilities around the world were expanded. Some of them by adding inflatable rooms, others by pre-locating large, pantechnicon (container) type vehicles, for bulk body storage in anticipation of some upcoming event which would produce large numbers of human bodies, the disposal of which could foreseeably…

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