Vegans Failures In the Peace Movement.

ZOG within Vegans? ZOG is everywhere!!!


Since India less influenced by zionist billionaires & their toxic press is more honest than the NATO world although persecution of Christians is now quite bad it does not come near the many trillions in Mid East infrastructure destruction, deaths are between 31 million to 11 million. Then Veganism top NGO will for its size have far more honesty the vast majority of churches often zionist, charities and NGO’s in NATO. Almost no one sees that every charity has fund raising costs and the costs in the worlds religions of fund raising and getting thoughts into the masses from unseen powers include the buildings or the stones. Thus when Jesus during the triumphal entry into Jerusalem in Luke 19 verse 40 “ But He answered them I tell you that if these should keep silent then the stones would immediately cry out “ That explains religious building motives and why…

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