Memory and History I: Time.

Hyperborean Nexion

Over the course of twenty years, I have begun a manifesto of my own evolution through thought and experience. I am surely to add more to this body of work, so let this be an entrance from this ancient realm modified to the modern existence. To be added as Time goes on.

This world we all currently live in is a projection of our consciousness. We internalise the external. What we see is what we see but what we see, is it real? This discourse is real but we are experiencing it in real-time, this moment, as you read this. How is it affecting the external world we live in, also? If we are together in this consciousness, this moment, we are experiencing this sense of Being together, connected in a universe of moments. This moment is Being, together, it has zero effect on the external world except in how…

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One thought on “Memory and History I: Time.

  1. I would remain wary of anyone who uses “Nexion” in their namesake.

    Nexion (Operational Cell) is a term used colloquially by O9A practitioners.

    The Order of Nine Angles are Anarchic (Anti-Civilization) Satanists, Left-Hand Path Occultists with a confused/perverted interpretation of Germanic Pagansim, Völkisch & National Socialism.

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