Density Intensity

The American Sun

Real Estate, a crop that can be harvested every month-Samuel J. LeFrak

This is a follow up to my article I had written last year and part one on real estate and population density.

It’s no secret that crowds are bad. There was a time not long ago when politicians, environmentalists, engineers, ethnologists and biologists warned of what high density does to humans. They asserted correlations of density to anxiety, tension, divorce, paranoia, neurosis, stampedes, schizophrenia, rape, murder and even war. It’s truly an amazing feet after centuries of having this knowledge, we still live under these conditions and I expect it to get much worse.

Pol Pot’s Ideology found urban living impure during the so-called “Good Times” and made emptying the capital a cornerstone of his year zero initiative. The city was an alien land, a place of debauchery, foreigners, race mixers, intellectuals and bad ideas stemming from those…

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