American Numenor

American Foundations

In J. R. R. Tolkien’s fictional universe shaped by his deep knowledge of European mythology and history, there was a race of men known as the Numenor. They were the most deeply learned, noble, conscientious and advanced of the men who lived in Middle Earth or the “West”. They lived on an island off the mainland of Middle Earth, an Atlantis of sorts and thrived there. They were allied with the free peoples of Middle Earth and fought against the dark forces there with them. In their victory, they succumbed to the wiles of those they had defeated. Their enemy decided he couldn’t overcome them in force of arms and was captured. He was highly intelligent and flattering, and ever slowly persuaded the Numenoreans to question their religion, civilization, and very identity. Through this corruption their power and influence turned to evil, they began to meddle in the affairs of…

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