Am I Supposed To Trust These People To Revolt?

Mogadishu Matt

Many well-meaning people sport “Molon Labe” stickers, 3% decals, and various “advertisements” to their leanings when it comes to government support. I would hope that these “Murica’”-esque rednecks and ardent patriots could be trusted to stand up/fight.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. It might take another generation. We aren’t that removed from one of the dumbest head scratching events that I ever had the displeasure reading about:

The Straw Hat Riot

Yes, I didn’t have a clue about this event. Never knew it happened. No clue on what happened or who was involved.

It was stupidity at best. People running around and destroying hats, instead of putting them away at the end of a season. There was no law determining the correct time to wear a certain type of hat, it went down hill from there.

In my words, teens pissed off dockworkers, fights and riots broke out. This happened…

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