Pfizer is Now Stealing Ideas from Ivermectin

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Horse dewormers work so good that even Pfizer now wants a cut of the booty.

How does Ivermectin combat Sars-Cov-2?

It has shown efficacy to bind to the spike protein site of the RNA virus thereby reducing the multiplication and attachment of the virus to the ACE receptor in the nasal epithelium. So, the usage of Ivermectin during the early stage of COVID-19 will prevent attachment of the virus to the nasal epithelium. The consumption of Ivermectin 12 mg once daily for three days is now recommended in the isolation protocols of Karnataka,” she explained and noted that there were multiple randomised controlled trials claiming the efficacy of this drug.

https://www. thehindu .com/news/national/covid-19-with-fewer-side-effects-ivermectin-still-used-widely-in-india-despite-who-recommendation-against-it/article34540312.ece

Pfizer investors are panicking because their cash cow vaccine is not making as much money as they had initially projected

For the past 5 days, shills have gone into overdrive with the labelling of Ivermectin…

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7 thoughts on “Pfizer is Now Stealing Ideas from Ivermectin

  1. Oof. I’d say this escalated quickly, but the last year or so has been the longest short eternity I’ve had the profound displeasure of choking down. ON THE UP SIDE I got to #block the CDC on my shitty Trac(ked) Fone. I think it was Most Revolutionary Act who posted this business of VAERS. Didn’t know what it was, inside three minutes phone is ringing. CDC robocall wanting to set up a “survey.”

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      1. I’m not sure the real struggle is here yet. But I hear you. Beans and toilet paper nigga, gonna be worth… Something. Probably still Petro Dollars. But with (I imagine) ludicrous inflationary value.

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      2. The upside to this all is that there are ordinary people (normies, if you will)… something has been staring them in the face for so long, the fuckery abound – coming in the form of a government gone mad, a media consortium that makes narrative-fitting fabrication their business, a social media environment with censorship so inconsistent in it’s applicability… Afghanistan withdrawal, 9/11 reminders of dancing Israelis and the Davos/UN framework staring them right in the face…a real enemy is emerging before their eyes. It’s an enemy that’s been at work for decades now. But they are seeing the forest for the trees…

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      3. Yes, well, let us hope we can shift or shatter the Overton Window before the forest is barren. Average Joe Murica will still experience painful cognitive dissonance upon seeing the dancing Israeli, but as they say: (((they))) always overplay the hand before Ace’s are 110. As it were.

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