Organized Crime As Oligarchy.


Oligarchy is a form of organized crime as is a new gradual increase in the regime in Canada of going from answering the Rothschild wars from the smash and grab and mass starvation in camps of 28 000 Boer women and children and black elders > caution the stats are from regime sites > in South Africa from 1899to 1902. In that war 7 000 deployed and 267 soldiers died yet no wounded statistics. The war was near genocidal and was to gain gold and diamonds at fire sale royalties for a tiny group of ” city of London Bankers Including Milner> a key figure in WW 1 and Rothschild plus Rhodes who created the Rhodes group to bring. Essentially Rothschild and zionist graduates to positions of power. From the folly of ww 1 and shameful Canadian navy role in the continued starvation blockade of Germany after WW 1…

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