NDP and Liberals and Conservatives Aproval of Libya CAF Mass Murder Proves Bankers Own Them.



All three of these parties are essentially deceptive and violent gangster operatives of the ” city of London ” and are totally hostile to the people of Canada as 10 000’s of long walks in the city of Ottawa urban area from 1988 to date and seeing how homelessness and poverty have dramatically grown proves. The liberal and conservatives also have access to the secret CSIS files and they can thus find out early what is going on. Thus the Yugoslavia conflict that destroyed the lives and health of Canadian soldiers and of course the people there could have been ended and the super rich exposed had the Cretein government accessed the information in CSIS to disclose the secret wars organizations or the 5 eyes but the secret co operation means the political parties have information that could stop a war. Or be used to rightfully punish some billionaire…

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