Be Like a Hobbit

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Central characters to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings beloved franchise are no less than hobbits. Namely, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. A race of people from a branch of humans, they are as short as dwarves, measuring between two and four feet and have slightly pointy ears like elves. (Spoilers ahead)

Well, by the title, I do not mean to be physically like hobbits or adopt their way of life but to simply learn from those created characters, focal in Tolkien’s best-selling fantasy books. For instance, most hobbits do not know how to swim nor are fond of travels and newfangled things outside of their ease.

Simplistic in nature, “they love peace and quiet and love tilled earth”, they enjoy the gifts of nature. Although they are skilled with tools, machines as hard to manipulate as forge bellows and water mills are not of their interest. They are described as…

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4 thoughts on “Be Like a Hobbit

  1. 2016… Odalists would have said “Emulate Hobbits in their Worldview”

    Why? Because they’re simplistic folk which embody J.R.R. Tolkien’s emphasis for “Pre-Industrial Pastoral Society” of the early 1800s & prior. He wrote Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit in dismay of modernity which is not a bad sentiment in itself but must be exercised with intellectual restraint & not embraced wholesale as a Worldview.

    Odalists simply politicize this, the attitude of which is at its core essence an Anti-German Ideology, let me stress why this is case.

    Whilst it is true we Germans never truly abandoned our “Primal” side that fact that we were Barbarians & have since adopted the Roman model of Society, perfecting it with German precision & creative expression combining a dualism Primal/Orderly of which many other cultures that are not German or more broadly racially Germanic do not embody.

    “Wir Deutschen sind von gestern. Wir haben zwar seit einem Jahrhundert ganz tüchtig kultiviert; allein es können noch ein paar Jahrhunderte hingehen, ehe bei unseren Landsleuten soviel Geist und höhere Kultur eindringe und allgemein werde, daß man von ihnen wird sagen können, es sei lange her, daß sie Barbaren gewesen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    [We Germans are of yesterday. We have cultivated quite vigorously for a century; but it may still be a few centuries before so much spirit and higher culture penetrate our compatriots and become general that one can say of them that it was a long time ago that they were barbarians.]

    One cannot simply partition off these components & discard one in favor for the other, this is how we arrive upon extremism & divergent polarities which cannot support honest intellectual nor spiritual growth. Not one that is in equilibrium with a healthy European soul!

    This is one of the many reasons why I & my wife left the Right-Wing movements, even Odalists claim to be Third Position yet their Puritanical Dogma of abandoning every form of Tech but “simple tools” & applicable levels of society, assembly, function, appearance, etc. forces me lump to them into said category because of their detrimental Black & White Thinking.

    From an Odalist’s perspective: if you’re not practicing/preaching said “Fatalistic” Technologically regressive worldview you’re a Nihilistic Technocrat & detrimental to said “Golden” Primitive Tribal society & should people like myself (normal people) should die horribly when civilization collapses.

    From the Technocrat’s perspective: if you’re not in favor of Materialistic & Rootless Excess of Technology to transform man in an a-human husk of machine transcending borders, gender, traditional values (which is viewed as antiquated primitive tribal impulse) than you’re “Hampering Progress” & likely a “Bumpkin” which to me as a North German is deeply insulting, we are anything but.

    Understand, my issue now? Truth rests upon a Happy Medium of characteristics & views it is like I said in the post which announced my leave from blogging in February “Peasant Revolts Are Not a Positive Example to Our Future” & should not be embraced. I know of every Peasant Revolt within Europe Historically & how Detrimental it was for German Culture & German people, I see this trend now repeating itself in recent years within both the Mainstream & Dissident circles alike.

    If you have actually read my content & not just liked it impulsively then you know where I stand here. I am not Cryptic regarding this specific Duality of characteristics.

    “Wirkliches Neuland in einer Wissenschaft kann wohl nur gewonnen werden, wenn man an einer entscheidenden Stelle bereit ist, den Grund zu verlassen, auf dem die bisherige Wissenschaft ruht, und gewissermaßen ins Leere zu springen.“ – Werner Heisenberg

    [Really new territory in a science can only be gained if one is prepared at a decisive point to leave the ground on which the previous science rests and to jump into the void, as it were.]

    Regression is not daring! One of the main reasons why we Germans are successful is because of this combined Duality deeply ingrained into our soul, our blood which emboldened the Great Men & Women of our past.

    As for the article itself, “Be Like a Hobbit” the author “Wang Jun” is East Asian (No Offense Intended) but what do they know of our essence? Unsere Seelen und Völkisch! & what course of action should be taken!?

    Bitte, e-mail me at ( if you want the passphrase, I hid this post (among others) to prevent certain outsiders within more mainstream standing from reading it out of context & using it to black-list me.

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    1. This is quite detailed, I will admit, I am using a reference guide and dictionary to research some of the terminology and concepts you mention. It’s very thought provoking for me and I’m learning alot.

      I want to read that article you wrote – the passphrase will be just go read it right? Will email from

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      1. I did not use any explicitly complex terms outside of “Völkisch” & “Odalist”.

        I follow the original 19th century movement in essence, not those who came after Varg Vikernes (BURZUM) or Ronald “Wolf” Möbus (ABSURD) because of sensationalism or “clout”. Admittedly I was an Odalist in 2015-2016 that was a necessary Black-pill that I had to consume in order to grow.

        Metapedia’s definition of “Odalism”, is not accurate, it is skewed by Alt-Right-people. Odalism = Neo-Völkisch Movement. Not unlike Wikipedia is skewed by Establishment Leftists/Zionists who want to lump everything into (1933-45).

        Odalism itself branched out of the Norsk Hedensk Front (NHF) Founded in 1993 which was Odalism.

        Clarifying, I am not an Odalist! There is a clear discrepancy between Völkisch & Ôðalic, one being part of my German Heritage the other being a perversion made by extremists & weirdos.

        As for specifically Völkisch, it evolved in tandem with the Pan-German Romantic Nationalist movements of the early to late 19th century (German Ethno-Nationalism), it was an “Exclusively German” movement to stimulate German souls (Seelen) & unite us all as one strengthened community.

        Terms such as: Volksboden (Essential Soil) used contextually not unlike “Mutterboden Heimaterde”, Volkskörper (Body of the Folk), Volksgeist (Spirt of the Folk), Volksgemeinschaft (Community of the Folk), Volkstümlich/Volkstümlichkeit (Folkish/Traditional), Volkstum (A day upon a High Festival or Declared Day of Importance), Volkstag (People’s Parliament/Assembly) used contextually like Reichstag.

        Historically speaking Völkisch started because there was not a unified German Reich (Großgermanisches Reich) as a single Entity at the End of the Holy Roman Empire which caused a great deal of disharmony among Ethnic German people, this tumultuous period (which I cover in blog more than twice) later formed the split between Prussia & Austria, which also provided fuel for the later world wars resulting in the dissolution of two German Empires.

        National Socialism does not have an exclusive monopoly on “Völkisch” either. This is also why I have a problem with American NS 2.0 people who use this terminology to describe themselves, especially if they are not German!

        Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, Ernst Moritz Arndt, Johann Gottlieb Fichte & Hermann von Pfister-Schwaighusen are the true fore-fathers of our Völkisch movement. Not a niche founded by wannabe Metal-Heads nor American NS 2.0 role-players.

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