A Tool of Control: How Health Officials Weaponize Language to Manage Public Perception of COVID Vaccines

Desultory Heroics

The deployment of clever linguistic tricks has created a hostile upside-down universe, where even the vaccine-injured are tarnished as “anti-vaxxers” or liars rather than acknowledged as ex-vaxxers who took risks that turned out to be life-changing.

By Children’s Health Defense Team

Source: The Defender

Psychologicalandlinguisticmanipulation are, for those in power, proven tools for building, consolidating andmaintainingdominance — a realitykeenly depictedin George Orwell’s never-more-relevant novel, “1984.”

Asphrasedby master propagandist Edward Bernays, an approximate contemporary of Orwell’s, the mind of the people “is made up for it by the group leaders in whom it believes and by those persons who understand the manipulation of public opinion.”

Recent events surroundingCOVID vaccineshave shown that medicine and public health — with the help of acomplicitmedia — are particularly skilled at “pull[ing] the wires whichcontrol the public mind.”

The clever bag…

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4 thoughts on “A Tool of Control: How Health Officials Weaponize Language to Manage Public Perception of COVID Vaccines

  1. First Comment should’ve sent earlier, I mean hours ago, but something appeared on-screen and stole all attention. All of our screens Pinged, it happens, not to often, but it’s the subject matter’s “Signature” that’s disquieting. It is THE SAME Group mentioned above!! This makes three unrelated Orgs pulling a “Nigerian Single Switchback” w/in 10 Days, and Three = A Dedicated Pattern (in Field) I don’t mean to be cryptic, but we’re trying to figure out Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is going on. It appears – and this is a broad AF General Assessment, not even a SitRep – that the Media Org, their Founders, Uni Associations, Foundations and (erm? WTF) their GD Location have changed vs ≤ 72Hrs ago. IOW they are a quasi-StandAlone Org.

    Now an Active & Registered 501(c)(3) using a School of Journalism base of operations, with both established & continuous Partnerships & Alliances, US and Europe plus, Latin America and SEast Asia. they fly the Colours of new Alliance Members, have new Partners, upgraded to a UN and other NGO Sponsorship Campaigns… and added a few International {CSOs, NPOs, BINGOs. Yes, I know. It’s one of those we try to keep in-house to avoid confusion and attempts at jokes. Heard them ALL!} Financial Foundations and international Alliances. Many of these Alliances are either very well known or they will be.

    The Issues that really suck are: They’ve gone Dark, although site is operational, they engaged in a (very efficient Scrubbing and Updating of all Pages to Sept. 2021) and Logo & Palate Switches appear on some newer pages, but it’s the new “Legend” or the lack of the normal info, that is a major Flag. This is a growing Posture and Manoeuvre trending sharply upwards. Forecast for a Potential & Internal Structural and/or Personnel ReOrg is rated as a Watch. The cause: Unknown.

    If anyone notices a sudden increase in New or Unfamiliar Outside Groups reporting &/or appearing as Supporting Sources on Media, Traditional and Social, please, Pop Smoke! Colour = Green. Any and All help is most appreciated and feel free messaging directly, Fourth Estate Oath and Promise re OTR Privacy = 100%.


    PS: Bruv, having trouble with the Like and ReBlog buttons. 99% it’s on my end, sorry, will try to get it Sorted.

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  2. Okay, that’s a little too close to be anything aside from creepy! Using the Nothing In Field Is… formula, well, shite. It’s one thing when a Political Party, the Federal and State Levels of FEC & IRS, State Boards or Oversight, registered PACs, Super PACs, Careys, PCCs, §527s (The Über Orgs we all know and loathe, Non-Profs 501(c)(3)s, & (c)(4)s, and 501(c)(5)s {FWIW Unions are not Non-Profs} and yes, the I/NGOs, Financials and Funds plus Scholastics… wait!!! There she blows! (hehe. she blows)

    Beginning in 2016 and coming to a rapid – admittedly a LOT faster than we anticipated – climax, these Scholastic & Incubator Funds, the supporting financial Conduits and many Orgs that are not supposed to share ANY types of relationships, and their Journalism School Side-Hatch Projects are changing the meaning and behaviour of words, terms, phrases and definitions within the Journo/Political and Public Spheres, Scholastic is implied and not limited to University Levels, which should alarm most people. No, I don’t mean CRT, we passed that one in ’18 and now have to deal with the mutated cousins. Best way? 47 Days from know. Screaming ain’t helping “us”. Another recent Post by another FAM Member Vermont, the timing hits a bit hard.

    Back to the present, I blagged my way into another Org (BOOSH) and found an old post from 2015/16 and testing to see if it is the Original, piece last night inside a list of links provided by this very large, talented, Tech-Centric and with seemingly unending resources DEM Affiliated Org. As of now, counting Six Major and Four Über Orgs* to draw from this new “standard of linguistics”, as created by the 3in1 Journo Org, their shared tactics, stratagem, tech, Counters, and deployment levels. The more upsetting parts? Their focus remains on Two Areas: Journalism/Politics and COVID. There are several Sub-Points of Focus but not many. Although part of the Original Collective, which split into Two before dropping, as forecast, to Three “Separate” Groups (this was the example of THAT Media 3in1, unlike ANY 3in1 Orgs known and unique on the same messed-up level that THE §527 keeping us awake since “The July 2017 Event”, the NDRC are, since they are a GD 7in1) established a For-Prof US base, keeping it (sorta) within the Law, but the other two are still based and Registered in Europe and the Daily & Weekly Comms focus bounces from “Nationalist India” & Modi, since as it was mid-Spring 2021 through today, and PRC & Baozi having no hand in ChinaFlu.
    The Constant – the one thing all 4th Estate hate more than anything: Censorship.

    Their techniques are viral and tracking them jumped from a one man assignment to, well, we’re still working out that bit. Additional news this July made us feel sick after they aligned with a particular Org and silly me, I forgot I’ve Screen-grabs showing their logo inside the private NDRC/AOTL Web Servers and Apps. FEC Violation? Why, yes! Yes it is! Heard of The Misinformation Disorder bollocks? Seen The Overlapping Image showing Dis, Mis and Mal-Information? The 10-Pointer Tactical Use One-Pager? MMaps, etc.? That’s THEM! As (metric shite tonnes of) info continue to arrive and research from last year’s Deep-OppoRe Dive, I think I need to process what I can into understandable non-Field Jargon language – yes. It is that severe – and will offer a better post whilst not taking so much of our Host’s, a proper Solid Bloke, real-estate. Sorry. Thank you so much for posting this! (Ditto from the other RFDs and Data Teams!) We cannot match their Numbers, paid Staff, Vols even Interns, and their Teams outnumber us by a ratio no one wants to hear. I’m speaking to ONE of their Orgs if this adds any perspective.

    ∴, we’re on our own and thankfully, this can be a good thing! We gotta keep The Fourth Estate and True Born Son’s Spirit alive by doing what they did, say “Screw The Odds” Keep Our Oaths Stay true to our Homeland and getting ‘Ardcore! Serving Amendment One, Pillar I, The Charters of Freedom and Our People. Trust me, it’s the only way to come close to slightly evening the Odds. The past week shows how important this is and how crucial said cooperation can be! Well Played to both Poster and Source! Let’s kick some arse, 46 Days and a Wake-Up remaining until E-Day/Halfway Point! I say this nearly every post or comment for a reason, but the connections mentioned above beat anything I say because they are both Metrics and Patterns (how I love Thee,,,) and mathematically sound proven. It gives everyone a bit of extra Hope, never a bad thing, innit? Proud to Serve with each one of you.

    Plus, the RNC/RNCC/RNSC/GOP are semi-Retarded and close to breaking THE Rule: You Never Go FULL Retard! (trying to end on a pleasant note! Cue singing, Always look on the Bright Side…

    #4thEstate #TrueBornSons
    #DissFAM (credit to Muunyayo for this one/idea. Dissidents & FAM. I dig it)
    #HonkFAM #CozyCornerFAM (β-testing this one, feedback welcome)

    We Rise and Stand or we fail and fall. Quitting is Unacceptable.

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