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I don’t know about you, but I do some of my best thinking between sets. I can lol about in the great womb of the world without the sunshine reminding me of all my other duties. It is quiet; no cocks crowing, no baby crying, no wife walking. No dogs barking, no horses neighing. Quiet, dark, like life before birth – I like to think. It’s my time to do something with the spergery and esoterica that I mull over at work, since it’s hard to organise thoughts and pound nails some days.

I made a mistake the other day. I did the internets. By and away I try to keep my online activities to a minimum outside of the projects thereabouts I run, or have otherwise helped with; those being essays, art, podcasts or “appearing” on the podcasts of others (for when friends have unbelievably slow news days.)


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