1. Of course “Wissen2go” has to insert the quip about Antisemitism in the “Deutsches Kaiserreich: Besser als sein Ruf?” But he is technically not incorrect about Antisemitism being an overall shared sentiment within the Kaiserreich that the NSDAP later built up upon, the facts are correct it is simply his motivation that is incorrect but that is most Germans post 1947.

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  2. Neither my wife or I are particularly fond of the English speaking American/Western History Channels, they always 100% butcher the pronunciations & recite essentially wiki facts any non-German lay person can research on their own.

    My wife is really particular on accents, she detests “American Monotone”

    I can provide better (You can enable translation under options) if you need it.

    Note: The Caveat regarding (1933-45) is unavoidable in any German-made DOKU. Nonetheless it is the best German native video under 1 hour in duration.

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