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Dysgenics refers to a genetic deterioration of a population or populations and the study of such processes.

It may occur both through internal factors (such as the more intelligent in a population having lower fertility) and/or external factors (such asrace mixingwith another population with lower intelligence).

A large number of studies on average IQ have stated declining average genotypic IQ in developed countries. Until recently, this has been argued to be concealed regarding average phenotypic (measured) IQ by the environmentally caused Flynn effect. Recent studies and literature reviews have instead stated declining average phenotypic (measured) IQ in several developed countries with, for example, a study on France stating that the measured average IQ declined by 3.8 points during the 1999–2008/9 time period.

Several IQ researchers have expressed very pessimistic views regarding the future of Western civilization due to dysgenic trends.


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