Community Building – IRL


After theUnite the Right rally in Charlottesville people were addressing the problem, that James Alex Fields Jr. (born 1997) came and left alone.

Being alone made him an easy victim for the anti-White cowards, Fields got chased by Antifa and other anti-Whites with AR15s and baseball bats.

He rammed a car and a few people, a fat woman who was not hit by his car died of heart attack and Fields got 2 Life sentences without the possibility of parole and an additional 419 years (think of that, the next time you hear about Antifa and BLM getting away with murder).

We need each other.

Take a moment out of your busy day and make the connection today!

Send a letter, a book, put some $$$ on his commissary account.

James Alex Fields, Jr

James Alex Fields, Jr
P.O. BOX 2000

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