Australian Shitshow: And how we burned in the camps

The American Sun

So your government is building camps. This happens. It’s actually pretty common, historically, as the logic of detaining prisoners of war (itself a fairly liberal idea, much more enlightened than the traditional massacre or enslavement and more scalable than ransom) was extended to a domestic or pseudo-domestic population of enemies.

Everyone likes to focus on the most notorious set of examples, despite being fairly short lived, even to the exclusion of realizing that there are other examples. The contemporaneous Soviet gulags are well known in the general population, at least in their broad outlines, via cultural diffusion of Yakov Smirnoff jokes. The United States interned its Japanese, Italian, and German populations (you don’t hear so much about the white guys) for the duration. The term itself was invented by the British to describe their brutal anti Boer counterinsurgency practice in South Africa. Enumerating the examples from the…

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