What’s Right?

Banned Hipster

About a year ago, someone posted a link to the What’s Left podcast, hosted by Aimee Terese and Oliver Bateman, specifically the episode with guests Angela Nagle and Malcom Kyeyune. After listening to a number of episodes, I became a fan.

Terese was a Berniebro, a supporter of Bernie Sander’s 2016 Presidential campaign, but in the aftermath found herself increasingly alienated from the Left. Indeed, the title of the show, “What’s Left?” has two senses; one, what is left after the failure of the 2016 campaign, and two, what is the left itself?

Terese aims to use the tools of Marxist analysis on the institutions of the Left itself, and finds that the entire constellation of “progressive,” “socialist,” and even “Marxist” think tanks, magazines, publications, and organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America are simply extensions of the American Democratic party, and in a Marxist sense, are simply bourgeois representatives…

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