TOTALITARIAN CRISIS: Should our treacherous media become a target?

The Slog

A media set batting for The Other Lot is not as impregnable as you might think. The Slog offers a telling example.

Flitting across some examples of what I call ‘mainstream media blind eye’ syndrome over the last few days, I found myself thinking constantly of the One in Eight resistance to creeping technocratic dictatorship. One reads yet another “news story” where the Elephant defaecating noisily in the room is being studiously ignored by the Press title, one shakes the head, and mutters, “For God’s sake, get a grip”.

A classic example this morning is that of the Telegraph’s two pieces about the need to make up the massive shortfall of Treasury income created by the suspiciously ludicrous overreaction to the emergence of Covid19. On the news pages – ‘Tory grandees join backlash against national insurance rises’ – Philip (now Lord) Hammond of Wriggly Snakes, the Chancellor rapidly purged by…

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