The Origin and Expansion of the Celtic Peoples

European Origins

Table of Contents:

  1. The Origins
  2. The Expansion Of The Celtic Languages and Culture
    1. The Gauls
    2. The Celtiberians
    3. The Insular Celts
    4. The Balkan and Anatolian Celts

The Celtic peoples were not a homogeneous ethnic group. If they can be called an ethnic group at all remains debatable. They rather were, similar to the Italic peoples, many different tribes speaking related languages and spreading all the way from Ireland to Anatolia, Iberia to Pannonia, covering most of western Europe, large parts of central Europe and even spreading into eastern Europe, the Balkans and Asia Minor.

For the sake of keeping this article short and informative at the same time I won’t cover every single detail about every individual Celtic tribe in Europe and Anatolia, but rather give a quick overview in regards to the origin of the Celts and the different major branches in Iberia, Gaul, Britain, the Balkans and Anatolia

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