That Was Last Week… What’s This Week To Be About?

Not Something Else

In the week just passed we had the passing from Winter to Spring in my part of the world, Summer to Autumn up North (according to the world’s Meteorological Calendar. Which many simple-minded governments and meteorologists have chosen to adopt as being easier for them and their simple-minded peoples to remember and use as a basis for their simple-minded lives to work around). Never mind the vagaries of reality and the variability of nature. Such things are of little matter now. Although those real changes of season will be of immense consequence very soon, but most of today’s people, including myself I expect, will not be around to appreciate that fact.

OK, so we have had a clearing of the decks in preparation for them to be filled again with all the bounty of the good Earth to satisfy our needs. Hmmm… I wonder? Up North it’s generally…

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